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Telling stories, that's what I love to do most. I am the best in telling them in a visual form. I work as a visual storyteller, documentary filmmaker, videographer, (visual) anthropologist, journalist/image editor and as analogue photographer. Stories are everywhere, and everyone has them. My productions often tell the tales  of 'normal' people with 'normal' life stories and perspectives.


People, I find the most interesting. I love to dive into other people their worlds. So far into the deep end that I'm almost a real part of it. I have a special eye for narratives and a heart for personal stories. The tales of normal people are not always special at first sight, but I find wonder and magic in those stories. My productions are on the edge of bourgeois, but not less important. The stories I've told are all worlds I did not know or understand before, but I did want to know. Like my short documentary Sealegs , about the seafarer academy on the island of Terschelling and her students who really want to go to sea. Or the women from Women's Gold , who created a better life for themselves, by producing Shea Butter in a cooperative. But where they are also very aware of their position and that what is threatening them.

I am convinced that the world is filled with interesting stories, that deserve to be told. I love to show others perspective on life,  seen through visual media.

For my different previous work look at film/video and photography.

I am working on different projects and films, but am also hirable for video, film, audio, photography of crossmedia-productions.

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My name is Eza (1993), I am the granddaughter of a fanatic hobby-photographer, and the child of a dad that is an historian and genealogist and a mum that is full of stories and funny facts like me.


My interests have always been wide, I am always busy with my surrounding world and have a good eye for 'nice pictures'. I got my first photo camera at the age of 7 and I have not stopped capturing the world around me ever since.

During my studies at the School of Journalism in Utrecht (2017) I realized that writing for the papers is not really my thing. I also realized that I'm not a traditional 'real' journalist. I wanted to film and make photos, work on long human-interest stories and build in deep layers in to my stories.


After journalism I did the Master in Visual Anthropology at the Granada center for visual anthropology at the University of Manchester (2018). Here I acquired new skills and learned new ways to tell stories, I learned different ways of approaching, but also became better in conducting visual research. With an academic view, I broadened my horizon and started building depth and layers in the stories I tell. The anthropological approach gave me a skill I did not have before. This master made me grow as a maker, researcher and narrator. Although my stories are still about normal people who can inspire and inform others. In the end I only want one thing; telling good, beautiful and strong stories.

Interested in what we can do for each other? Looking for a documentary maker, visual anthropologist, photographer or videographer? Definitely get in touch with me!


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