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Next to my creative work as visual storyteller, I also work as a workshop/arts teacher. 


Working as a workshop teacher, fits perfectly well with my selfmade titele of visual storyteller. Every class is a little party. I does not matter if it is toddler cinema, vlogging lesson with 15 year olds or filmportret with an enthousiast group of 8 year olds. 

Every time students leave the classroom happy and with a slight sense of how much fun photography and film is, is a win. 


As freelancer I teach workshops for different clients. My target audience spans from 2+ to university age. I have been responsible for the toddler cinema in the library in Utrecht, but also have been teaching photography, infographics, film watching and filmmaking on (special) primary schools, secondary schools on every level and in both Dutch and English. 


I teach different workshops, hereby some examples: photography, portraitphotography, film technique, stop motion, film portrait, vlogging, detective and infographics(both digital and analogue). I also teach film ‘watching’ classes with filmanalyses (more or less, depending on age). With the last one, I’m often also a moderator next to film teacher. Often my classes and workshops are connected to a goal, theme or they are connected to LOB or a theme/art week. 


I work for multiple clients in the are, including  ’t Hoogt in Utrechtde Lieve Vrouw in Amersfoort, Aan de Slinger in Houten,  Kunstenhuis Idea in Zeist (e.o.) en Filmhub Midden Nederland. I also work for national working organisations. 


Are you looking for a fun and active visual/media workshop teacher? On regular basis or one time, for example during an arts week? Please get in touch! 

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