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Nine miles of road and an infinite sea 

Een film van Hope Strickland en Eza Doortmont 
May 2018 
Duration: 16:21 


Sometimes, looking out at the colour of the water, you can forget where you are. Situated in the Atlantic, off the most southerly point of Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly are surrounded by nothing but sea. The archipelago is cut off: the tip of the mainland out of sight, far away. On the Isles, it feels as though time moves differently. Life here is influenced by its specific surroundings: the constantly changing weather, the sea and its tides. The rhythm of life is slower, the sense of community greater. This film is an exploration of the people who live on these Isles of Scilly. When you only have nine miles of road but a seemingly infinite amount of sea, what does it mean to live in a salt-soaked space?


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